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Petter Handyman Oil Engine No. 23345

Petter Handyman Oil Engine No. 23345 was acquired during May 1999 from a vintage car enthusiast who had owned the engine for a number of years but unfortunately had not found the time to restore the engine to running order. The previous owner recovered the engine in the mid-1970's from an old railway yard having spotted the engine lying in the open whilst passing by one day. It appears the engine had been dragged outside from its place of work and had been left outside for an unknown period of time prior to recovery. Luckily the local scrapman did not get there first and the engine ended up in safe hands as the previous owner quickly recovered the engine back to his workshop.

The previous owner turned out to be a trained aeronautical engineer who was very skilled in all aspects of mechanical engineering. During the 25 odd years before we acquired the engine the previous owner had carefully stripped the engine down and preserved it for restoration. All parts had been cleaned and put in labelled boxes and the engine was stored in a dry shed next to a woodburning stove which kept the damp away. This initial attention to detail and the storage conditions has undoubtedly helped the engine remain in the excellent original condition to which it survives today with much of the original paintwork and lining remaining. The engine was in fact a restorers dream as all the messy work had been done, it was more a case of carrying out the necessary repairs and fitting it all back together, which is where the story continues....

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