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Kenny Williams Wolseley Pages
(Wolseley's and more Wolseley's!)
Roland's Yard
(Petter M & S info.)
Peter & Rita Forbes Engine Pages
(Lister plus wealth of engine technical info.)
Paul Evans - Internal Fire
Coventry Victor Online
The Stationary Engine Magazine
Pete Aldous's Engine Pages
Paul Beck Vintage Supplies
Stationary Engine Books & Transfers
Morgan's Rally Diary
The Anson Museum
Eric Brain's Engine Pages
(Victoria, Watermota etc)
Mike Tanner's Homepages
Magneto Repairs
Harry's Old Engine Pages
(US site packed with info, one of the first established engine sites)
Craig Prucha's Gas Engines
(US site, some big engines here!)
Lister Petter Ltd
Scottish Vintage Vehicle Federation
Old Glory Magazine
Frost Auto Restoration